Director-photographer Bobby Sheehan’s auto-portrait of a life exploring the wonders of creativity, self-expression, the human spirit and the emotional landmines, warriors and angels met along the way.

  • Episode 1: The Shadow of my Father

    How much of your birth father composes who you are if you’ve barely met him? Filling that void becomes Bobby Sheehan’s life mission, a quest to shed the shadow of darkness that follows him and possibly protects him as he navigates the subculture-rich mean streets that soon will become his backlot.

  • Episode 2: 1980’s: Dreams and Nightmares

    Bobby enters his 20’s carried by the current of a non-stop cavalcade of outrageous characters and culture, a goldmine of creativity and free expression that surreally turns into a mass grave of drug overdoses and AIDS casualties. Salvation for Bobby on his own road to self-destruction is Sara, the angel and eventual life partner that saves his life.

  • Episode 3: Give Me Sobriety or Give Me Death

    Addiction and redemption. With too many career bridges burned, Bobby commits to sobriety and wins Sara’s hand in marriage, creating a family of his own while redefining his trajectory with more intensely personal work.

  • Episode 4: Work Through It

    Resilience is tested when Bobby suffers a stroke and rebounds even more determined to make independent, feature based projects. His love of culture and creative diversity coupled with bruising realities of the human condition are relentlessly at odds with each other but his brush with death creates a centering resonance adding raw power and honesty to his work.

  • Episode 5: Artistic Souls

    A look at the personal creative wheelhouses that drive an artist to dig deeper and express what moves them fearlessly. The will to create and the nobility to accept death come into harsh relief as Bobby feels hollow ambivalence learning of his long absent father’s death and an inescapable specter of mortality weaves its way into the stories he tells.

  • Episode 6: The Battle Within

    Bobby dives deep into the often-under-valued realm of Special Operations forces, true to life superheroes who struggle to empower their own hearts to reengage back into society as soulful warriors, weaponized with an enlightened lifeline of being human.

  • Episode 7: Equalizers

    When has the land of the free ever been truly fair for everyone? Growing up in the margins of society, Bobby confronts the inequity that is an integral part of the American machine thrown into hyper-emotional focus by people like Life Camp Founder Erica Ford, Felix Organization’s Sheila Jaffe and Darryl “DMC” McDaniels and Andre Norman, the driving force of Academy of Hope who upend cycles of urban street and institutional violence with mentorship, detente and hope.

  • Episode 8: Behind the Mask

    An intimate dissection of what it means to be a performer - the deep, complex well inside us where personas are created and how the indelible experiences stories shared live on stages and movie screens change the world.

  • Episode 9: An Examined Life

    A summation at the end of the first leg of the Bowery Boy journey: Examine and live fully in the here and now, sometimes turning the lens on yourself. Devour the wonder of all aspects of humanity and share joyfully while you can, with an open heart, burning music track and a camera if possible.